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Ganpati’s Institute of Pharmacy, Bilaspur Concluded its Pharmacy Week- 2014

Ganpati’s Institute of Pharmacy, Bilaspur Concluded its Pharmacy Week- 2014

 Finally it was the concluding day of Pharmacy Week celebration – 2014, organized by Ganpati’s Institute of Pharmacy, Bilaspur, Yamuna Nagar. The Indian Pharmaceutical Association celebrates the last week of November as Pharmacy Week, But due to some administrative reasons, the institute postponed its celebration to the last week of December. This year, we observed the Pharmacy Week with the aim to make awareness and find out the loopholes about the use of generic medicines. The theme of the celebration was FAILURE OF JAN AUSHADHI CAMPAIGN IN HARYANA—WHO IS RESPONSIBLE ?? Although the statement of our theme was different to that specified by IPA but was closely related in terms of its meaning and implementation.

The Pharma Advisory Forum in its meeting held on 23rd April 2008 decided to launch Jan Aushadhi Campaign, which involve the opening of Jan Aushadhi stores all over India initially at District level, where unbranded quality generic medicines would be sold which are available at lower price but are equivalent in potency to branded expensive drugs. The first such Jan Aushadhi Store (JAS) was opened on 25th Nov. 2008 at Shastri Bhawan New Delhi. The initial plan was to set up 3000 stores, but till the end of 2013, only 164 JAS could be opened and out of these only 87 are presently functional.* (* information from
While talking about the status of Jan Aushadhi Campaign in our state Haryana, only 4 JAS were initially opened at Faridabad, Gurgaon, Yamunanagar and Panchkula. The first three stores became non functional within a year due to administrative reason and so till date only ONE JAS is operating in our state.
So, what is the reason of this failure of such an ambitious campaign?
We at Ganpati’s Institute of Pharmacy are highly concerned about that when Govt. has run a Campaign Mission Mode on the principle of “Not For Profits but with Minimal Profits” then what is the reason that the most needy are still not benefited? The main motto of the Jan Aushadhi stores is "Daam Kam - Dawai Uttam" Despite of such a noble motto, what are the loopholes which put this campaign on back foot? 
During the whole week, our students along with faculty carried out various academic and sports activities including Speech competition, quiz, Posters, debate, Rangoli, Chess, Carrom, Mehndi, Volley ball, Kho-Kho and Cricket. Most of the students participated in the events with full enthusiasm. During this week, in order to bring about the awareness in general public abut the Generic medicines, the students of Ganpati’s Institute of Pharmacy organized and performed a street play in front of Nehru Park, Yamunanagar and asked the general public not to self medicate, not to ignore their minor ailments, not to use tobacco and to ask for the generic version for their prescribed branded medicine. . After that the rally comprising of about 160 students and faculty moved towards the CMO Office at Civil Hospital, Yamuna Nagar raising the slogans in demand to open more Jan Aushadhi Stores in the region and handed over the memoranda of the rally to Dr. V. P. Mann (CMO. Yamuna Nagar)
The next day a debate on the theme was organized in the Campus in which the eminent personalities in the Pharmacy and Medical field were invited. The Chief guest Sh. N. K. Ahuja, Assistant State Drug Controller, Haryana; Dr. V. P. Mann, Chief Medical Officer, Yamunanagar; Dr. Jagdeesh Chander, Assistant Director General, Central Drugs Store (GOI), Karnal; Dr. Ramesh Kumar, Senoir Medical Officer, Bilaspur and Mr. Parveen Chaudhary, Drug Controll Officer, Panchkula gracefully accepted the invitation.
 Sh. Manish Bindra, Chairman Ganpati,s Group of Institutions, Sh. Subhash Gaur, Gen. Secratory, Dr. A. P. Singh, Director General and Dr. Jagmohan Oberoi, Director Development and Director Pharmacy welcomed the guests by presenting the bouquets. The event was started with Saraswati vandana followed by Ganesh vandana after which Sh Subhash Gaur presented a brief history about the journey of the institute. He told that since 2007, Ganpati’s Group has made its recognition not only in the region but to other states of North India also. The students of this institute distinguished in their area and made the institute proud. While talking about the academic performance of the students of B. Pharmacy, he admired the students by pointing out that every year the students of this institute holds the place among top 10 students of the University.
After that the Director Pharmacy, Dr. Oberoi initiated the debate with the permission of the Chief Guest. Sh. N. K. Ahuja interacted with the students with his informative lecture where he cleared the difference between the Patent, Branded and Generic medicines. He also told about misconceptions among general public about the use of generic medicines and told that the main reason for the failure of Jan aushadhi Campaign in Haryana was the lack of awareness. He also took the oath from the future pharmacists that they will neither produce nor sell nor purchase such medicines which they would never recommend to themselves or their loved ones. He also make assurance from the students that they will make awareness among general public about the use of Generic medicines as only the pharmacists can play the major role in this regard and this is our responsibility to provide the quality medicines at right price to the most needy and poor people. He also appealed to the gathering NOT to let the habit of drug addiction to raise its head in the state.
After that Dr. Jagdeesh Chander addressed the students and emphasize that all the generic medicines are equivalent in quality and effect as those of branded medicines. However they are very cheep. It is just a myth among public that cheaper medicines wont be effective. The C M O Yamuna Nagar cleared the reason of closing of Jan Aushadhi Store at Yaminanagar. He told that the generic medicines which were available at JAS in the premises of Civil Hospital, were already being dispensed at the Hospital’s Dispensary. Very little or null sale at that store. He praised and suggested the students to organize more such awareness programs regarding the use of Generic medicines and promised his support. He also suggested that Govt. can make such rules to keep some particular percentage of generic medicines at each and every Chemist shop and promote its sale.
Dr. Oberoi addressed the present media and news reporters and requested them to help Ganpati Institute of Pharmacy to this noble motto to raise awareness by publishing the articles written by the students and faculty and advertising more and more regarding the use of safer but cheaper medicines. He made the guests sure that he and his students along with faculty will do all the possible activities to bring about awareness in this regard. Mrs. Bindu Dhiman, the HOD, Ganpati’s Institute of Pharmacy, concluded the debate by summarizing the myths and facts about the generic and branded medicine, the reasons of the failure of Jan aushadhi campaign in Haryana and possible remedies suggested by the guests. She appealed to the students to start the mission from their home and neighbor. She requested the Doctors by keeping in mind the financial status of their patients to kindly prescribe the generic medicine where ever possible. She thanked all the dignitaries, press and media reporters and Management of the institute for their help and support. She also thanked the main heroes, the students and faculty of GIP to make the whole week celebration a big success.
At the end Dr. Oberoi facilitated all the guests including the reporters by presenting the mementoes and thanked for their valuable time and support. He specifically pointed out the efforts of all the students of GIP that despite of winter breaks in all the colleges the region, the students got stucked to bring awareness without demanding for the holidays. On the concluding day, the winners of the different activities during the Pharmacy Week celebration were awarded with prizes and certificates. The event closed with the pledge to silently keeping the activity alive with the help of social media and through efforts of every student at his/ her own part. 
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